Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To start off

So this is my first ever blogging be patient with my random thoughts and ideas.
Things I love: My family of course, but less obvious things include:

1) Ice cream cake (vanilla) - Who doesn't love the mixture of cake and ice cream all wrapped into one. I would like to find the inventor of the ice cream cake and present him with a fake but very honorable award for the best cake maker this side of the Mississippi (just an expression, don't go all detailed on me)........frosting is fun but not as much fun as the cake and ice cream....which reminds me of something else I love that has about 27% to do with this ice cream cake talk......I have never lost a pie or watermelon eating contest in my life. I have a pretty big mouth that just sucks it all in and down the drain. I hold the unofficial world record eating time at 14 seconds....
2) Unicycles and juggling - I thought I would put these two together since they both fall under a similar category....don't go getting any crazy ideas that I can do these two things together by any means. Separately I rock, together, I would break my neck. I picked both of them up in high school. My mom actually got me into them. I think she was trying to kick me at of the house early by sending me with the traveling circus. I also love pogo did that fad ever end!!! And in September I am going to take up Trapezing (not sure that is the correct grammatical conjugation).

3) stride gum - Love it....minty fresh

4a) snorkeling in clear blue water - As all of you that have done this is so much fun to be underwater looking at all the fish and coral reef, etc. I always hate that part of the ocean though where its like clear clear water then all the sudden a huge drop off in to pitch blackness....because if I was a bad guy fish I would hang out right there waiting for swimmers to dare out into the dark. My favorite place to snorkel so far has to be Panama. It's such an amazing city....As you can see from the pictures within an hour of Panama City you can go from Metropolitan City thriving with Mercedes, McDonald's, and sky scrapers to the Kuna Indians that live in shacks at our bamboo and dirt floors. The Kuna Indians are my second favorite Indian. The Kuna Indians are a strongly-knit tribal society living on a chain of islands called San Blas Archipelago, on the Atlantic side of the Republic of Panama. Believed to be decedents of the Caribs, the Kuna Indians still live in much the same manner as their ancestors. The San Blas people have cleverly managed to retain their balanced life, free from the complexities of modern, highly-organized societies. They are absolutely amazing humble people.

4b) traveling the world. I have so much to write about this and all of my experiences but I am out of time for the day....until later......

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Jenny Lynn said...

You do travel alot, your so lucky!